Friday, March 17, 2006

Like Our Own Ancestors, All Mammals Also Have Irides...

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Take lemurians for instance. Not only their eyes but also their names are significant in a special way. In Mensis Maius, starting at Nonae Maiae , and going through ante diem VIII Idus Maiae, Romans celebrated their origins. It was a special nine-day feast of the dead, Lemuria - their own ancestral cult, brought from somewhere in Thracia Magna, like Dardania and Nicolae Densuşianu's aply pointed Remuria...

Unlike Latin, and even today, Daco-Romanian keeps lamură as a stem word for "origins", "nucleus, the strongest part" or "making pure again" and lămurire for "making as clear as possible".

The story is much deeper and longer. But this gaze, like that in all living iris, tells the beholder a tale of silence and contemplation. For instance, Constantin Noica, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived - and father of father Rafail - develops these etimological studies in the line of Latin lamina. But who cares about such subtlety in the age of Wikipedia? Talk about involution of species...

Fig. 2 : Lemurian irides. Lemurians have big eye-to-head ratios and the magic of their gaze is not unlike that special one we happen to feel in humans... It's so simple in fact! The same old story of the remote caste trying to look like the actual caste...Posted by Picasa
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